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Episode 13: WarGames

Posted by: Lord Drachenblut  :  Category: Action, Podcast, Review, Thriller

WarGames Cover Art

Would you like to play a game? How about a nice game of thermonuclear war? Strap in as we review a classic movie about hacking and nuclear tensions.

Special Thanks go to Kilroy2.0 for the intro bumper and not hijacking our site for his own purposes yet. As well as DualCore for the permission to play there track War Games for the closing music.


Episode 12: RoboVampire

Posted by: Lord Drachenblut  :  Category: Action, Comedy, Genre, Horror, Sci-Fi

RoboVampire DVD box art

Strap in for this kung fu martial arts train wreck featuring a crappy robocop knockoff and vampires that have been genetically crossed with bunny rabbits.


Episode 11: Weirdsville

Posted by: Lord Drachenblut  :  Category: Comedy, Crime, Drama

Weirdsville DVD Box Art

Ever have a drug fueled night involving Satan Worshippers, Mini Medieval Knights, and trying to bury your dead best friend?  Yea this is one of those nights so strap in and enjoy the ride


Episode 10: Hackers

Posted by: Lord Drachenblut  :  Category: Action, Crime, Drama, Podcast, Review, Thriller

Hackers DVD art

As innocent hackers are being blamed for a heinous virus that will capt size tankers around the world watch the exploits of 5 friends as the hack to save the planet and each other.

Special thanks to Dual Parallel of Radio Freak America and his personal homepage dualisanoob.com for the bumper at the begining of the show.  Also thanks to Xoke of xoke.org for the reading of the hacker’s manifesto.

The music played at the song Dedication to the Hackers and Crackers written and performed by Zearle can be found at Zearle.com


Episode 9: Red Dawn Collector’s Edition

Posted by: Lord Drachenblut  :  Category: Action, Adventure, Drama, Genre, Podcast, Review

Red Dawn Collector's Edition Box Art

Welcome to the first installment of On Demand Review’s. This on demand is brought to you by andyb0y of http://handheldheroes.net

Paratroopers land in the football field of the local high school and the chaos and carnage begin quickly. Join us as we witness a group of high school kids wage guerilla warfare against the invaders and find out our thoughts of on this title.


Episode 8: Breathing Fire

Posted by: Lord Drachenblut  :  Category: Action, Genre, Martial Arts, Podcast, Review

Breathing Fire

What happens when a pack of bank robbers lose the key to the vault and the leader of the gang’s sons end up with control of the key.


Flash Back Review Episode 1: M

Posted by: Lord Drachenblut  :  Category: Crime, Film-Noir, Podcast, Review, Thriller

Welcome to the first Flashback Review. This is a special branch of ten buck review. In this branch we hope to bring to your attention movie’s you may have never heard of and movie’s that you can get for free legally from various locations. We hope you enjoy

Flashback Review

by lostnbronx


YEAR: 1931

COUNTRY: Germany

FORMAT: b&w — early talkie (456 MB Ogg Video)

RUNNING TIME: 108 minutes

DIRECTOR: Fritz Lang

STARRING: Peter Lorre

GET IT FROM: Archive.org — http://www.archive.org/details/M_

ALSO CHECK OUT: “M” on the Internet Movie Database — http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0022100/

INTRO/OUTRO MUSIC: Archive.org — http://www.archive.org/download/Camel_Comedy_Caravan


Episode 7: Pump Up The Volume

Posted by: Lord Drachenblut  :  Category: Comedy, Drama, Genre, Podcast, Radio, Review

Pump Up The Volume Box Art

Talk Hard…. I like that it’s like a thought can infect a mind. So Listen as we infect you with the story of Happy Harry Hard-on and Hubert Humprey High


Episode 6: The Covenant

Posted by: Lord Drachenblut  :  Category: Action, Genre, Horror, Podcast, Review, Thriller

The Covenant Box Art

The 4 Sons of Ipswitch are coming of age but will the live to tell the tale?


Episode 5: Serenity

Posted by: Lord Drachenblut  :  Category: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Serenity Box Art

Step into the verse where the signal can’t be stopped.